Perfection is rarely maintained but a balance of forces may suffice


Each day we wage a war with our bodies, in most instances, pushing it to extremes and expecting it to respond as we deem desirable. We are seeking a perfectly functioning machine. For those of us who are into fitness, we aim for the ideal toned image that we see in every health magazine and for those of us who work a 12hr day, we require a well-oiled machine that will keep us going for 20hrs straight with minimal downtime. What we are doing is torturing our structures from the cellular level which then presents itself in the form of non-communicable diseases and ultimately an atomic bomb waiting to implode.

We hardwire ourselves to aim to attain perfection. The perfect lifestyle.  The perfect career.  The perfect physical image. But what are we truly doing to our biological and spiritual design while building this outer image of perfection? In our day to day activities, how are we nurturing a stronger spiritual and biological being? The old folks have a saying, ‘everything in moderation’; this simple statement extends across the board. When we plan our day we need to ensure that our time does not lean more toward completing tasks. We should not overextend ourselves. By that I mean, we have 24hrs in any given day; time needs to be allotted to YOU first and foremost because if you cannot take care of yourself then who will.

Secondly, time should be given to your family and friends because it feels good to be around those that you love unconditionally and that give you love in return. These bonds nurture you and help to foster positive energy that can serve as a valuable de-stressor. Thirdly, one of the most vital assets for your day is your food intake. Many of us have trained our bodies to maybe have one full meal a day and we spend the remainder of the day supplementing with snacks, coffee and let’s not forget the much needed Coca-cola. We never have enough time to prepare three (3) square meals let alone actually take the time to sit, eat and enjoy them. We are too eager to get back on a project that ‘must’ be done or complete a task that ‘must’ be finished by the end of the day.

However, these habits are detrimental to our body’s ability to function. Yes we may take our daily vitamins plus some Ginkgo biloba and even a protein energy bar, but what we are forgetting is that when we do take time to have a complete meal, we are filling our bodies with vital nutrients that occur naturally and on top of that, we are giving our bodies time to relax. In fact we are also giving our minds the chance to take a moment, and maybe even have a jovial chat with a colleague or catch up on a Netflix episode. These brief moments of happiness and relaxation release ‘happy’ chemical (endorphins) into our body; our body’s natural ‘feel good medicine.’ The final piece is rest, a key factor that allows our body to repair and recharge itself for the next day. It serves as an all-natural de-stressor that revitalizes the mind and the body.

We must never forget that the body we are given must be nourished in order to achieve the healthy longevity that we all seek. If we cannot find a way to maintain balance within our lives, our bodies will suffer and in turn we will suffer. What we must understand is that we need to find the perfect balance, the ideal rhythm, order and harmony that can sustain a healthy body and mind. We must first teach ourselves to understand what is normal, what works without excess and once we gain this knowledge we can then create a balance of forces that will lead us towards a happier, healthier life.

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