When the good turns bad the good deeds are forgotten. But when the bad turns good a legacy is born


Although we seem to be in a time where thinking outside of the box, entrepreneurship and reinventing one’s self are celebrated, people seem to be even more judgmental. Whether we are speaking about how we choose to parent, how we choose to practice our profession or how we do everyday things; it seems as though some people wait with eager anticipation for our next wrong move. It is so disheartening to see how people relish in the misfortunes of others, and quickly choose to ignore all good deeds and past efforts. Whether we have built multi-million dollar companies, managed a successful startup or spearheaded a new program which improved the lives of others, we are never exempt from being placed under the microscope.

This background noise is simply meant to derail us, if possible. To place a halt to our fight. To distract us from conquering the next challenge on our way to success. To those of you who may be in the thick of it right now, ignore the noise.

What is more important and what should hold your focus, is how high you are going to bounce back once you go low. The effort you will make to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and show your resolve. That “won’t quit! Can’t quit!” attitude that will surpass the limits of others’ expectations, proclamations and ill wishes; to a place where you move on and champion on.

This all begins with the power of thought. “Mind power” as it is sometimes referred to, is seen by some, as the most powerful assets which any human being possesses. Whether you follow Budha or read the word of God, you will see several references in their teachings which talk about the power of belief, word and thought. A process referred to in other spiritual groups as “the Law of Attraction”.

In the urban dictionary “The Law of Attraction” is defined as “the belief that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences and negative thoughts are magnets for negative life experiences.”

In short, this law encourages us to believe that we can determine our destiny with one thought. Authors such as Charles Haanel and Ralph Waldo Trine wrote quite a bit about this concept, the core of which has not been forgotten. You see these concepts in self-help books, listen to them in sermons, read about them on wellness blogs and hear about them at empowerment and leadership workshops. A concept which has led to the use of journals, post-it notes with quotes on the bathroom mirror and vision boards. Where you draw a map of where you wish to be and as it imposes on your subconscious, with effort and over time, you see the endpoint become a reality.

Simply thinking about something will not bring it to life. You must actively focus your mind on these positive thoughts, remain positive, visualize yourself at the endpoint and take action. This may seem philosophical in nature but it can be supported by quantum physics.

Some of you may see this theory or concept as a cliché, as so many have said that it doesn’t work. But really how can you expect something to work if you already do not believe in it. After all, the outcome is dependent on the power of thought.

Scientific evaluation of the brain and its response to numerous forms of stimulation has shown that the regions of the brain which are involved with “action” and “intentions” are closely related. So it stands to reason that when the region of the brain associated with “intentions” becomes stimulated, the region of the brain linked to “action” will also be stimulated.

Regardless of your past indiscretions or present circumstances, I challenge you to cultivate positive thoughts. Think good thoughts, propel yourself out of failure and give birth to a new legacy.

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